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Legacy Code Haplogroup : Terminal SNP Contacts Summary
Page1Group1 R1b : R-U106 Zak Jones
Dan Stone
Flushing NY Wrights
Page1Group4 R1b : Shirley Gragg Philbert Wright / Ester Becraft Wrights
1784 Richard Wright Sr.
Page1Group5 R1b : Dan Stone Oyster Bay NY Wrights
Page1Group6 R1b :   1816/25 Robert Wright
Page1Group8 R1b :   1752 John Wright
Page2Group1 R1a : R-L664 Jeff Wright
Robert Grant
1690 Francis Wright
Page2Group2 R1a : R-M512    
Page2Group3 A :   Shadrick Wright
Page2Group4 E1b1b1a2 : E-S7461 Mike Wright 1665 Deacon Samuel Wright
Kelvedon Hatch Wrights
Includes The Wright Brothers of airplane fame