Links to Related Websites

GenForum As of Jun 2014 this site is a read-only archive of messages. It holds much information on various lines and contact information for researchers. Use your browser "find" (CTRL-F) to search messages for key words.
FTDNA Wright DNA Website This is the active site with live results as provided by Click on DNA Results in the left menu.
Pedigrees Zak Jones worked hard to create this page summarizing all the family pedigrees submitted. Click on the test kit number to see the tree. Please send your family pedigree to Peggy Brock so we can add it to the table.
Facebook This Facebook site supports conversation to those studying their Wright line. The hosts are R. Don Wright, Peggy Brock, David Cushing, and Zak Jones.
Library This page lists useful links to help understand DNA testing and interpretation of results.